Doing It Right, The First Time

Welcome To Artane Projects

Doing it Right the First Time

Artane Projects is a company with a long-standing reputation for excellence in the field of gas pipe supply and installation. We take pride in our highly skilled team of professionals who are committed to ensuring the highest quality standards and safety practices. With years of experience in the industry, we have successfully executed a wide range of gas pipeline projects, earning the trust and satisfaction of our clients & industry.

Only The Best For Our Customers

Our mission at Artanep Projects is to provide top-quality gas pipe supply and installation services to meet the growing demands for efficient and safe gas distribution. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions while adhering to the highest safety standards, environmental regulations, and industry best practices.

Services We Provide To Our Customers

  • Fire Fighting Installation & Upgrades
  • Tank Installation & Piping Upgrades
  • Tank Product Conversion & Maintenance
  • Mining Decanting & Refueling facility Maintenance
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank De-gassing
  • Pressurized Equipment Manufacture
  • Tank Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • Corosion Protection

  • Metering & Decanting Skids
  • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Installation
  • Manufacture & Install Or Upgrade Of Rail Sidings
  • Loading Arms & Grantry Installation Or Upgrades
  • Pressure Testing Of Components Or Systems
  • Additive Installation Or Upgrades
  • General Depot Maintenance